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Antique Soda Fountain Collectibles

The Soda Fountain category includes items related to Soda Shop style counters where syrups were mixed all the way up to modern day Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc items. Even though many of the items in this category were never used at a Soda Fountain per se, they are still included because they descend from this history. By far the most important brand in this category is Coca-Cola and indeed you could do 100 different websites just on that brand and all the advertising they have produced over the years, behind that Pepsi and Dr. Pepper are also common and there are many many older soda brands that are now extinct or nearly so such as Moxie, Nu-Grape, Sunkist, and Whistle.

Items in this category can range from exceedingly rare to very common and prices are based not just on rarity but often just as much on condition. For information about your item and for help establishing value please feel free to contact.