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Antique Advertising Displays

Store Displays have been an important way to grab a customer’s attention for a very long time and antique displays are some of the most coveted collectibles in the entire category of antique advertising. These displays were designed to be eye-catching, informative, and to make a sales-pitch and close the deal all while sitting at the end of an aisle or on a counter-top. On top of being attractive items, displays are generally much more rare than the actual packages a consumer would buy. This is why a store bin for a tobacco brand is almost always more valuable than an individual tin.

Many collectors love to use displays to help set up store-like scenes in their own homes or showcase areas. Displays are often made from cardboard or paper, but are frequently found as metal, glass, wood, or even plastic. The variety is nearly endless but they are nearly always of value to collectors. Displays typically focus on selling consumer goods like food, candy, tobacco products, but sometimes the displays were intended to be placed in store windows, or other areas where the product was not sold directly from the display.

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