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Drug Store Antique Advertising Collectibles

The Drug Store or Apothecary category is quite broad and includes items that would generally be found for maintenance of health, beauty, or hygiene. Common items include tooth powder (before toothpaste), talcum powder, glass apothecary jars, condoms, balms, ointments, creams, and other medicines. Many of the items in this category are product tins, but there are also other items like signs and displays.

Many collectors focus on this genre of antique advertising and it has a lot of diversity to keep you interested from the modern and art deco designs on many condom tins to older Victorian motifs on many talcum and tooth powder tins. Many others collect vials, jars, and cabinets from old time pharmacies where a pharmacist has to hand mix prescription drugs from many ingredients. All of these are active markets and some people simply try to collect whatever looks cool to them or focus on brands that they know or remember.

These items are part of a market that is very active right now and looks to be picking up steam as many new collectors are getting interested in the genre.

Values for Drug Store, Apothecary, or Pharmacy items are changing rapidly and vary widely so call us to help you determine the value of your antique, vintage, or old advertising antique items.