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Antique & Vintage Toy Advertisements

While today advertising crossover to toys is a huge business with marketing tie-ins to upcoming movies, TV shows, or other mass media, toys have always been used as an effective advertising platform because children have a large effect on what their parents purchase. Companies produced toys to give away as promotional items and also as toys sold in their own right that had branding or logos on them. Antique and vintage toys are a huge category and there is a large community of folks who specialize in these items, however, there’s also a large crossover appeal to collectors in other areas who will grab anything with a Coca-Cola or Shell Gas logo on it to complete a display.

Toys can be tricky because many items have been reproduced so you need experience to know authentic items, and with toys condition is also of utmost importance. With items like toys that may have been played with by young children is it very rare to see toys in original condition with original packaging and most items that appear are found as new old stock, never opened.

Values in this category range drastically and we’ll be happy to help you identify, authenticate, and value your items if you contact us through out contact page.