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Rare & Antique Cigar Cutters

This is a very specific category, but the prevalence of many different types and designs of cigar cutters not only shows how popular cigar smoking was around the turn of the century but how popular advertising around tobacco was. While many cigar cutters have advertising for a particular cigar brand, many more feature advertising for shoes, or clothes, or a hundred other things.

This category also includes items like cigar lighters, cutters with ashtrays, figural cutters, and even cutters with games or other fun mechanical actions. The average antique or vintage cigar cutter will usually sell for between $35-60, but unique or interesting pieces like the ones shown in the image gallery below can sell for hundreds of dollars depending on the condition of the piece, rarity or uniqueness, the appeal to collectors, and the brand being advertised.

Cigar cutters have an active market for them but there aren’t very many people who collect only cutters. Most people who are buyers for a cigar cutter want them as an addition to a Tobacciana display or as a companion to some other type of collectibles. This broad appeal explains the strength of the market for antique and vintage cigar cutters.

If you have an old, vintage, or antique cigar cutter and need help establishing its age, or value please feel free to contact us.

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