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Farming Equipment Antique Advertising

The Farming category contains items that would have been relevant as advertising to a farmer, whether a small time produce grower, dairy owner, or cattle farmer. We have also included items that are related to pets like dogs and cats even if they are not technically farming. The items in this category are typically signage, but also represent many other types of antique advertising as well. Many of these early farming ads feature excellent graphics or lithographs of animals whether they be pigs, cows, horses, dogs, etc.

The items advertised most often are animal feed, veterinary medicines, and farm equipment but other advertising such as for a vet’s office or a particular farm or dairy, or membership if farmer’s associations are common finds.

There are a few dairy signs that feature amazing mutli-colored graphics that bring high prices, as well as old lithographed posters and signs that also feature excellent imagery and really catch the eye. Other high value items include early advertising for modern name brands like John-Deere.

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