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Antique Tobacciana Advertising Collectibles

Tobacciana is a generic collector term used to cover any collectible item related to tobacco. We are focused on Tobacciana as it is related to advertising, so that covers tobacco tins, store displays and bins, along with signs. Cigar tins and cigar cutters are also associated with Tobacciana.

The factors that drive the values for any collectible items are condition, rarity, and popularity. There are plenty of rare items that are not popular; and there are plenty of valuable items that are popular but not rare. It takes a lot of experience to get a good feel for what is worth a lot of money in the field of Tobacciana.

Tobacco Tins: Tobacco tins are usually easy to research. Our Tobacciana guide has pictures of hundreds of tins from the ultra-rare to the ultra-common. 97% of tins are very common and worth less than $100. The other 3% that are rare have values that are especially condition sensitive. A rare tin in poor condition might only be worth $100. The same tin in perfect condition could sell for $1,000. Tobacciana specialists and experts in the field know that if you have the right combination of condition and rarity then the sky is the limit when it comes to values and prices in today’s market.

Cigar Tins: Cigar tins were usually found at the front of a country or general store. Some cigar tins are very rare.

Tobacco Signs: Signs that fall into the Tobacciana category are usually related to cigars and cigarettes. Tobacco from pocket tins had mostly fallen out of favor by the time porcelain signage was used. The best and most valuable tobacco signs will be in perfect condition and have great graphics. Collectors like to see a lot more than just a brand name. We want colors and images. A picture of the actual product being sold is always a plus. Door pushes have a strong following right now.

Cigar Store Indians: These cross over into folk art, but there are plenty of people who also consider cigar store Indians to be a type of Tobacciana. The rarest figures can sell for more than $100,000 if they were made by a famous artist and have a provenance. Even generic examples bring a couple thousand dollars just for the decorative value alone.

Store Displays: Store displays can be paper, cardboard, or tin. They are not much different than what you might see in a grocery story today. Their purpose was to get the attention of the shopper. Displays are a special favorite of Tobacciana collectors. Some displays are just as vibrant today as they were when they were originally used.

We are experts and deal with Tobacciana on a daily basis. If you need help trying to determine the value or worth of your item, just ask. We provide free appraisals and we are aggressive buyers of many items.