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Antique Western Advertising Collectibles

The Western genre is a hot collecting area and includes promotional materials featuring celebrities like Roy Rogers or Buffalo Bill in addition to collectibles such as authentic spurs, guns, saddles and other western gear. The range of items is very broad and very interesting and while very few items are currently on the site, just know that there’s a lot more out there. Western items can also feature western railroads, native americans (whether used to promote a product, or actual native artifacts), cattle ranching, gold mining or quite a few other “Western” things. There is a strong regional bias for these types of collectibles, but even on the East Coast there is some demand from western american transplants or folks who fell in love with the romantic notion of the west portrayed in a hundred different movies.

The value of these items varies greatly as an authentic saddle or pair of spurs can be worth thousands, while a mass produced toy bearing Roy Rogers name will not be nearly as rare or valuable. For help identifying and valuing your old, vintage, or antique western collectible please contact us.

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