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Antique Advertising Pinbacks

While the term Pinback in collecting circles tends to refer to a celluloid advertisement, often for political campaigns, here we are also including other types of pins, such as hat pins, uniform badges, service or award pins and other similar items. Essentially, if it has a pin to attach to clothing, it’s probably here. While we haven’t added a ton of items to this category yet, we’re on the lookout for more and will continue adding them as the come along.

Pins were a great way for a person to wear an advertisement with them, whether it showed them as a representative of a company, or their endorsement of a product. Most early badges were some combination of cast or stamped metal, often with enamel inlay in great reds, blues, yellows, or other colors. As celluloid pinbacks hit the market they quickly dominated because they were much cheaper and easier to make so a company could produce many more of them for the same cost. Unfortunately, celluloid pinbacks are not as durable as the metal and enamel pins so condition with celluloid pinbacks is always a major issue and even though they were made later, they are actually rarer to find in some cases.

Values for pins are much lower than some other collecting areas which makes them much more accessible for new collectors or folks on a budget.

If you have an old or antique pin, badge, or celluloid pinback please feel free to contact us for more information and help valuing it.