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Antique Transportation Advertisements

The Transportation category includes items related to almost any form of transportation. The largest areas of this category consist of what’s known at Petroliana (Oil and Gasoline Companies such as Shell and Mobil) and Autmobiliana (Car Manufacturers and Servicers such as Ford and Chevy), but many items can be found related to boats, airplanes, and even bicycles. This is one of the most active categories on the entire site and there is a lot of demand for items related to these fields as classic car collectors, guys with man-caves, bars, and many other buyers are all after these collectibles.

Prices are consistent with this demand and it’s not uncommon to see a sign at a major auction sell for over $20,000 or more. Condition as always is very important, but with high prices these items bring has come the problem of fakes and reproductions. Bad elements in India, Pakistan, and Argentina among others are sending more and more fake signs into the market here and they are getting better at disguising their fakes. Many of these fakes are made using the correct techniques but the giveaways are in small details, if you’re new or even experienced you’ll know almost everyone has a story about buying a fake at some point or another.

We are experts with Petroliana, Automobiliana, and other transportation based antiques and collectibles, we’re happy to help you identify and value your items and tell you any history we know, just contact us from our contact page above.