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Antique Advertising For Clothing Products

Clothing has always been a competitive industry and there are many antiques and vintage items that can testify to that fact. Everything from shoes, trousers, and hats to undergarments was advertised with signs, displays, and other advertising items.

The most desirable of these items feature intricate early lithographed signs with detailed graphics, and store displays or bins for products like dyes, thread, elastic, shoe soles, etc. Other items like pocket mirrors, match safes and product packages are also coveted by collectors who are specialists in a specific brand or who want to create comprehensive old time store displays of many different products and brands.

The value of some of these old displays and signs can reach well into the thousands of dollars while items that are more common or that don’t date to the very early 1900s will tend to top out around $200-300. As always value is a really individual phenomenon so while we’re always willing to help appraise and establish value for you we need to see pictures to accurately help you.

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