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Rare & Antique Coin-Op Machines

Coin Operated Machines have had a long history and are highly prized by some collectors. Machines that have all their original parts and that operate properly will be much more valuable to collectors than a machine that looks the same but is broken or has replacement pieces. There are several types of machines seen most frequently: Candy machines, Match Dispensers, Cigarette Dispensers, Change Machines, Card Machines, and Trade Stimulators (typically they look like slot machines).

Antique and vintage Coin-Ops are quite rare because they weren’t produced in the same amounts as consumer goods and many of them were broken or damaged over time. Early machines in good condition, or elaborate machines with intricate mechanisms with lights and sounds are also very valuable selling well into the thousands of dollars. Smaller and simpler machines will still usually sell for at least a few hundred on the low end.

For help identifying and valuing your antique or vintage coin-op machine please contact us and send pictures to our email address.