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Antique & Rare Advertising Calendars

Before we all used computers and phones and had calendars on our person at all times, wall calendars, desk calendars and other promotional advertising posters featured calendars to make them not just decorative but functional. Calendars are a really fun collectible because they are so easy to date!

Calendars fall into several different subcategories such as tear-off calendars, insert calendars, and pocket calendars among others. Calendars also feature many different brands and genres of everything from Soda, Cars, Farm Machinery, and Breweries.

The value of Calendars varies based on many factors such as the year, brand, size, rarity, and most importantly condition. Most calendars are lithographed, silk-screened, or otherwise printed on paper which means that it was very rare for calendars to withstand the test of time. Antique Calendars from the late 1800s and early 1900s that are in good condition can bring high prices from collectors who love to see the combination of rarity and condition come together.

If you have a question about the value of a calendar you own feel free to ask us and we’ll respond quickly.

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