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Antique Advertising For Food Products

The Food Category includes items that either held food or drink products or the advertising for these items. Common types of items include Spices, Coffee, Bread, Flour and other foods that were typically sold in tins or cardboard packages. Some of the brands you’ll see in this category are still around today and larger brands tend to have a broader collecting base. The highest value items tend to be very early lithographed posters or signs and store displays. However, some rare coffee and spice tins can also bring high amounts at auction.

This category is quite broad but usually pretty easy to identify, we’ve included spices and components in this category as well as drinks like tea and coffee for simplicity’s sake. In general there aren’t many collectors who concentrate only on food items, but they are usually part of a country store style collection that may include other items from categories like sweets, tobacianna, soda fountain, and drug store.

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