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Antique Gasoline Globes

Globes are a pretty narrow type of advertising collectible, but they are also some of the flashiest. When properly displayed and lit globes really can have a ton of visual impact and it’s not a surprise they are so valuable to collectors. The vast majority of globes were used to advertise which type of fuel was available in pumps at a particular gas station, however there were also some globes made for things like ice cream and coffee!

While globes may look pretty simple, there are quite a few technical details from which types of lenses or globe bodys go with different brands and designs. There are a number of unscrupulous people out there trying to sell fantasy, reproduction, or outright fake globes as authentic items. If you have a globe and need help determining its value please feel free to contact us for help. It’s better to spend some time researching before you make a mistake that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Just like with any glass item condition is paramount and it’s important to do a careful inspection to look for cracks, chips and other damage that you might not notice on first glance. These small issues can greatly impact the value of a globe and cost you money if you’re not careful.