This is a rare, valuable antique Coca-Cola Big King Size Carton sign. It is a rectangular sign, with green trim bordering the sign. The background is white with five thin, green, horizontal stripes running through it. On the bottom right, there is a lithographed picture of a carton of six filled, topped, king size bottles of Coca-Cola. The carton has a light green circle on the left side that reads, “King Size” in white text. To the left of this picture, the red text reads, “Big / King / Size.” Above this text and the picture, green text reads, “Take home a carton.” At the top of the sign, there is a curved banner with inverted arrows at either end. This shape is outlined in thin, light green trim, and the inside field is red. On the red area reads the text in white letters, “Coca-Cola / Sign of Good Taste.” There is also marking at the bottom left corner.

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May 17, 2013 Antique Advertising Signs, Antique Soda Fountain Collectibles