This antique Fairmont Creamery pot and pan scraper is a rare, old, valuable find. The metal pot scraper is shaped like a slanted tombstone with a flat edge on the left side. There is a hole for hanging. The scraper is bordered by a golden yellow border around the edge, and the inside is red. In white text, the top reads, “Use this scraper to keep many things clean / and to get the.” In golden text, the middle reads, “Best Price,” and beneath in small white text, “Sell.” In the middle is a black rectangular text box bordered a golden embellished border; the text inside the text box says, “Fairmont.” Beneath is more golden text, which reads “Your Cream.” The bottom has white text reading, “You Cannot Lose.” And the bottom corner has black text that reads “The Fairmont Creamery Co.”

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May 17, 2013 Antique Advertising For Cleaning Products, Rare & Unusual Advertising Antiques