This antique Ward’s pot and pan scraper is a rare, old, valuable find. The metal pot scraper is shaped like a slanted tombstone with a flat edge on the left side. There is a hole for hanging. The scraper is bordered by a golden yellow border around the edge, and the inside is red. In white text, the top reads, “When Using this / Pot and Pan / Scraper.” In golden text, the middle reads, “Think of.” In the middle is a black rectangular text box bordered a golden embellished border; the text inside the text box says, “Ward’s.” The bottom has white text reading, “Remedies, Extracts, / Toilet Articles, / Ground Spice, ” And the bottom corner has black text that reads “Stock / and poultry / tonic.”

May 17, 2013 Antique Advertising For Cleaning Products, Rare & Unusual Advertising Antiques