This is a rare, old, and valuable Federal Paint lithographed cardboard sign, advertising their yacht paint. It is a rectangular sign with a dark background. On the left side of the sign there is a paint can with the words “Federal / Yacht Paint.” The can is light blue with a picture of a white and red yacht racing across the bottom of the can. On top of the paint can there is a picture of a sailor sitting on the can. He is dressed in blue pants, white boat shoes, and a red and white striped shirt. He also has on a cap. The main and right side of the sign bear the words, “For Protection Afloat / Federal / Yacht Paint / “Best for Your Boat!” In the bottom right corner there is the Federal paint logo of a red triangle with the word “Federal” written across it in white.

May 17, 2013 Antique Advertising Signs, Antique Building and Architecture Advertising