This “Take Home a carton” Coca-Cola sign is a valuable, old sign. This antique sign is a rectangular sign with a dark green border around the edge. The main inside background is a cream color, and there are six thin, horizontal green stripes evenly spaced on the background of the poster. The top of the sign features a large red, curved background area, bordered with a thin green stripe. Overlaid onto this portion is the text in white, “Coca-Cola / Sign of Good Taste.” There is additional white lettering below, still within the red area. Beneath this area are the words in green, “”Take home a carton.” At the bottom of the sign, there is a carton containing six filled, capped, green glass bottles of Coca-Cola. The sides of the carton read, “Coca-Cola” in red lettering over a white background. The base and side of the carton features alternating squares and rectangles of red and gold blocks of color.

May 17, 2013 Antique Advertising Signs, Antique Soda Fountain Collectibles