This is a rare, vintage Howdy Orange Flavored Sugar Drink sign. This is a tin lithographed rectangular sign. It has a thick, raised black frame border. Inside of the raised black portion is a thin, orange stripe, with another thin, cream border stripe interior to that. The main background field is a dark golden color. At the center of the sign is an upside down tombstone with a black outlined border and a thin orange border inside of that. Inside is a picture of a line of Howdy glass bottles growing smaller as they go backwards from the full-figure front glass bottle in the very front. They are lined up in the snow with a black sky in the background. The front bottle is an orange drink inside of a capped, clear glass bottle. The liquid depicted is orange, and the bottle has a label on the front that reads, “Howdy.” The top of the upside down tombstone shape is black with the white text, “Howdy.” The bottom of the sign reads, “The Orange Flavored / Sugar Drink.” Running diagonally across the main picture is black and orange scrollwork. There are two mounting holes at the top of the sign.

May 17, 2013 Antique Advertising Signs, Antique Soda Fountain Collectibles